Please Contact any member of the team to answer your questions about TIME PROJECT.

Email headquarters for registration and general inquiries.

Email Joe Sheik for  Video Conferencing and Project Questions. You can ask any question of  your regional Ambassador.


Thank you to TIME PROJECT student Tony Chang student at Affiliated High School of Chung Hsing University Taiwan for his work on the above graphic!

For Video Conferencing and Project Co ordination

Joe Sheik
University Heights P.S.
27 Ford Cres.
London, Ontario
PH: (519)452-8630
FX: (519)452-8639

For help with the e-learning site,all other activities or other technical stuff, mail to:

For Regional Inquiries

USA Regional Base
Michael Cunningham,Ambassador
Austin Texas, USA

South America Regional Base
Luis Eduardo Castrillon Diaz,Amabassador
Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

Western Europe Regional Base

Anita Romano, Ambassador

Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Eastern European Regional Base
Suzana Delic, Ambassador
Zagreb, Croatia.

Russia Regional Base
Olga Levina,Ambassador
Yaroslavl, Russia

Northern Asia Regional Base
MeiMei Shih, Ambassador
Taichung, Taiwan

Southern Asia Regional Base
Stien Makupan,Ambasssador
Jakarta, Indonesia