1/2 a Day of TIME still to go

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Hello Time Teams
For those of you who have been awake since 00:00 GMT or earlier you are doing great work out there. To others who are joining in as the day progresses WELCOME to TIME.  

For those teachers in Croatia who came in during off hours to support students who wanted to still participate,  your commitment to education inspires us all.  DURING TIME DAY there is example after example of teachers and students in Croatia going to their schools at midnight and in the early am to participate and then leaving again before the schools officially opened today.  YOUR courage humbles us and your dedication is a beacon of the light of learning for us all. H’vala  vam prijatelji  (thank you my friends)  

WE have reached the half way part of our DAY together 12:00 GMT.  BUT there is still much to enjoy
BLOGGING: There are many blogs up there GET THE CONVERSATION GOING with effective replies..
VIDEO CONFERENCES: Please let me know if you have a failed conference and you have a slot of time you wish to fill. Refer to the GMT Bar Graph to see other schools available at your time… you will have to refer to PAGE 2 of the graph now that it is past 12:00 GMT.
OFF LINE ACTIVITIES ie DESIGN A CLOCK, NEWSPAPER ON INTOLERANCE:  Please continue your good work in the classrooms doing off line TIME PROJECT activities.   Please send in your pictures of your activities and your final report. 
UNITE THE NATIONS:   We have received a number of completed test pages already all of which are time stamped in case of a tie. To those schools congratulations for your hard work and dedication to the project. We look forward to giving results no later than Monday Dec 2nd . Results will be emailed out and then advertised on this site and our facebook page.
FINAL REPORTS: AN important part of the TIME DAY is to let us know how your day in TIME went. We work to make Time Project responsive to the teachers and students who participate. We need your help to know what new topics to study, what new ways to share information, what new projects you want to explore…and all of that comes from your FINAL REPORT…please include media coverage, pictures you have taken and any video. 
We still have 1/2of a day in TIME… USE IT…BLOG IT, VIDEO CHAT WITH PARTNERS…explore the UNITE THE NATIONS>..it s all out there to explore and you have a 1/2 day in time to do so.

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