Welcome To Time Day 2019

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“We Must Change The World.”

Dear Friends of Time

Welcome Time Ambassadors – November 29th 2019  To Time Day!

For the span of ONE DAY, We call upon the youth of the world to connect on this single day in TIME.  “This Is Our Time” has for 24 years promoted youth connections, cooperation and collaboration through inquiry based education. Topics to be explored this year include Zero Waste, Freedom of the Press, School Strike for Climate.  All topics can be explored through blogs, video conferences and can be debated through a Model United Nations simulation and a House of Commons styled debates. WE will connect face to face and in writing throughout this one amazing DAY IN TIME.   Any of the topics can inspire local social justice ACTION projects that can be shared on Time Day with other Time Schools and Time Headquarters timeproject01@yahoo.ca  SHARE YOUR STORIES. All Time Participants can also connect through participation in our 24 hr research Competition known as Unite the Nations.

Unite the Nations is a test created by youth for youth. To participate students must design questions on behalf of their own country. These multiple choice questions must cover the areas of Arts, History, Geography, Social Issues and Sports. Participating schools must submit 5 multiple choice questions for each category and provide both the answer and an English language website or resource where the answer can legitimately be found. On Time Day the test is released at Midnight 00:00 GMT. Participants have 24 hours to research, find and report back to Time Headquarters their results. No matter how many individual participants you have, each participating school is only permitted one test submission. The race against TIME is on! At Midnight the next day – the test closes. Test results are scored by our volunteers and the results are advertised on the Time Project website, the e-learning environment and their Facebook site.

Take your pictures, write your stories, make your webpages and video mashups. SEND IT ALL TO TIME. Once again from those who design clocks to those who build newspapers to those who would blog for the entire day to our many researchers who now begin their race against TIME and one another, WELCOME TO TIME DAY FALL 2019!

Yours in Time,


Joe Sheik
Project Co-ordinator   Time Project World Headquarters
London, Ontario, Canada



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