Welcome to Time 2019

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Dear Friends Of Time

Welcome to TIME PROJECT 2019

This our 24th year of uniting children around the world is indeed a special one. As the world is filled with uncertainty and mistrust, we have hope because of YOU. You the dedicated educators committed to bringing the world to your students. You the amazing teachers who refuse to let mistrust and intolerance force you to stay within your country. You make the world smaller each day with your efforts and your passion. You teach, you explore, you challenge and you make a difference. Generations of children over 24 years have learned that they can make a difference, that they have a voice, that they deserve to ask more of the world around them. They are taught by you to care to for others, to learn and to know.

On behalf of all of the staff at Time Headquarters, THANK YOU TEACHERS OF TIME…

Enjoy the day , this day , THIS IS OUR TIME…

And let it be known thanks to our dear TIME Partner and Friend Mike Cunningham in Austin Texas USA, has had his City Declare today TIME DAY in Texas…welcome to it my friends.

Joe Sheik Project Co-ordinator 2019

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