Time World Anthem

Posted by j.sheik on April 28, 2016 under Time project | Read the First Comment

One of the 20th Anniversary Events was to send a song around the world, like a game of “telephone” and have each receiving school interprete what they heard.

Each school heard the song and made their own “cover” of the song and passed it along to the next school in the chain who in turn made a “cover” of that.

Our Composer Floris van Bergeijk took all of pieces and mashed them back together into one video.  Please sit back and enjoy the Time Project World Anthem.

  • Wim Didderen said,

    Although this is kind of a ‘late call’ I would like to express my gratitude and compliments for this final production and for the whole process of how this challanging event finaly worked out in the end as a special 20th anniversary Event.
    It has been great fun to initiate and sponsor this event for the Time-project community.
    Perhaps we could aim for similar types of Time-event in future edition (?) Or is this perhaps to much a ‘Time-old school type of activity’ dat suits only for aniversary edition ( if for any) ?
    For us it has been great fun. Thanks for all the great contributions and alle the work done in the participating schools back in 2015!

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