20th Anniversary Unite the Nations Results

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Congratulations to members of the top 5 teams listed below. Participants were challenged to answer 325 questions – our largest test in 20 years! The top 5 teams scored in the high 80s percentages of accuracy with only 1 percentage point separating Second, Third , Fourth and Fifth.  TWO teams TIED for first this year each with only 37 mistakes made and have each been awarded FIRST PLACE. An extremely competitive display of inquiry based learning and academic excellence shown by our TOP 5 Schools.

Congratulations to our TOP 5 Schools


1.   Affiliated High School of Chung-Hsing University- Taichung City,Taiwan.

1.  University Heights Public School, London, Canada.

The next of the TOP 5.

2. Geodetska Tehnicka Skola, Zagreb, Croatia.

3. Izmir Ozel Faith Koleji, Izmir, Turkey.

4. Lord Elgin Public School, London, Canada.

5. Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana, Ogulin, Croatia

Honourable Mention Goes To The Next Top 5 Schools:

Eagle Heights Public School, London, Canada

Vaels International School, Chennai, India

Obchondni Akademie Kubelikova, Czech Republic

Colegiul National, ‘ Jean Monnet” Ploiesti, Romania

School#1357 , Moscow , Russia

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Unite the Nations participants. Together we developed questions to teach one another about our own countries. Together we celebrated each other’s History, Geography, the Arts and more. A total of 30 schools participated in Unite the Nations this year.  In total 80 schools in 30 countries across 5 continents were involved in Time Project Activities celebrating 20 years of intercultural dialogue and international collaboration. UNITE THE NATIONS is one of the many ways we connect youth it TIME… THIS IS OUR TIME!  Once again congratulations to all of our participants and to the historic achievement of University Heights PS and Affiliated H.S. of Chung Hsing University for the first TIE for FIRST in our 20 years!

sincerely yours

Laura Baker, Managing Director, Time Project                                                                                                                                                                                        Joe Sheik, Curriculum and Projects Manager, Time Project

Carol Sawadski, Compiler of Unite the Nations.

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Thank you for a wonderful day in Time.

Many schools doing off line activities, many more blogging about all three of our topics this year, Access to Clean Water, Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship and the Plight of Refugees. Schools connected with one another through a series of Video Conferences where information was shown and shared, information was debated in a House of Commons style and other information was dissected in a Model United Nations.  A true E-learning , twinning environment is created by TIME participants each and every year.

In all 80 schools in 30 countries were participating in activities  and special events celebrating our 20th Anniversary. Since 1995 when we were launched as a Flagship Project of UNESCO for their ASPNet , This Is Our Time-  “TIME PROJECT” has striven to connect students in meaningful ways discussing the major Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability and Social Topics of our time.  Each generation of youth is challenged to not only see their role within the world as global citizens but to see each other as neighbours and friends and together to seek solutions to these major issues. Time now sports 3 former student participants as current TIME Educators. We are into our second generation of Time Teachers and hope to be bringing youth of the world together.

For now TIME is not yet done.  Time schools are asked to compile their student reflections, pictures, websites and videos in preparation for their final reports. Schools are asked to continue blogging as long as the dialogues are stimulating and challenging.  Schools are asked to take on what ever ACTION projects you intended or spoke about in the Video Conferences. Schools participating in the Shrinking competition are asked to get their submissions in and await the results of that competition.  Please send your pictures from Time Day for the website and please post your pics to the Time FaceBook site for sharing. If your school was doing the Design a Clock activity please send those into Time HQ.

Time schools are asked to await patiently the final result for Unite the Nations. Coming Monday 16:00 GMT!   Please send in your final reports to timeproject01@yahoo.ca in December or early January.

Thank you for your EXCELLENT and continued work educating our children in issues that truly matter and in ways that inspire and energize.

Yours in Time

Laura Baker Managing Director Time Project and Joe Sheik Curriculum and Projects, Time Project 20th Anniversary!