Time Project’s 20th Anniversary Nov 27 2015

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“This is Our Time”:

Time Project 20th


Voices ThroughoutTIME


Dear Sir or Madam

We are excited to invite you to be part of the 20th Anniversary of Time Project this November 27, 2015.

A 24 hour learning marathon starting at 00:00 GMT on Time Day Friday November 27th 2015 for one day throughout all time zones, the youth of the world will connect through TIME PROJECT.  TIME offers a wide variety of activities such as video conferencing, the online research game ‘Unite the Nations’, a Model United Nations Video Conference Simulation, Classroom Twinning – Blogging Activities as well as SPECIAL Commemorative events to celebrate 20 years of connecting the world’s youth!  Over the years well over 1000 schools and youth groups from 99 countries have participated in the Time Project all on a single day – Time Day.

During The 20th Anniversary Event the Time Project participants from around the globe will learn about and share findings centered on the topics of The Plight of Refugees, Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship,  and the Relationship between Human Activity and our human right to Clean Water.

As part of our 20th Anniversary participants can also choose to help compose a world anthem, help to create a GLOBAL SELFIE, explore the concept of “Shrinking”  and enter into that contest, develop their own TIME Capsule as well as work on a Case Study on local economic development through youth action and the arts. There will be a look at the Millennium Development Goals with a special focus on (MDG 7 >Ensuring Environmental Sustainability) As well a series of ICC Mock Trials will also take place as organized through our TIME Partners at World Class Schools. (www.educationbeyondborders.org/profile/WorldClassSchools)

Get involved! Be a TIME Keeper! Time Day November 27th 2015.

If you  would like to participate – it is free! Contact Time Project headquarters at timeproject01@yahoo.ca  or project co-ordinator j.sheik@tvdsb.on.ca You will receive all the necessary information regarding the different parts of the project as well as the REGISTRATION FORM as soon as we have received your email declaring an interest in the project.

Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thisisourtimeproject.  Visit our parent website at http://www.timeproject.org for more information and sign up for our e-learning site at http://timeproject.tiged.org/ It is also free to join.

Yours in Time,


Laura Baker                                                   Joe Sheik
Managing Director                                      Project Co-ordinator

Time Project November 27th 2015
World Headquarters
London, Ontario, Canada