Face to Face Summer Sessions in Canada

Posted by j.sheik on July 14, 2015 under Time project | Be the First to Comment

Time over Sparrow LakeIn preparation of the 20th Anniversary of This Is Our Time- TIME PROJECT Friday November 27th 2015 , long standing participants in Time Project are gathering for a series of Face to Face planning sessions July 21-26. They are meeting in Sparrow Lake Ontario Canada and conducting week long meetings.

If you have been a teacher involved in Time Project in the past and are available to offer your ideas for this year’s 20th anniversary event….. we invite you to join us for Video Conferencing meetings July 22-25 … email Project Manager Joe Sheik at j.sheik@tvdsb.on.ca to get VC information

sincerely yours

Laura Baker, Managing Director, Time Project
Joe Sheik, Curriculum and Projects Manager, Time Project